What makes us different?

In Pescados García-Riveira, we have always understood that guaranteeing the quality of our products and building up relations based on mutual trust with our clients is our way to work on a daily basis.


    Since the moment fish gets to the auction market, we take responsibility, through our quality control chain, for the selection of the best pieces in the best conditions of freshness and wholesomeness.


    All our procedures are audited under critical control point standards, providing security to our production chain.


    We move with the market trends, following our clientele, being proactive in presenting new ideas and products.


Keeping up with the times we live in, Pescados García-Riveira is engaged in doing the right thing. We feel co-responsible to care the marine environment through the selection and supply of adult fish and the election of shipowners with sustainable fishing practices.

Fish auction market

We attend the main auction fish markets in Galicia, Spain, with our purchasing and quality control experienced staff. Our premises are located at Ribeira and Marin ports, in the northwest of Spain.


Thanks to our qualified and constantly trained staff, we offer different fish presentations according to the demands of our clients while maintaining the quality standards.


We own a fleet of suitably equipped trucks that guarantee the adequate control of the cold chain and the compliance with supply deadlines.


The presentation of our products is ready for the direct consumption by the final customer.

We provide an added value presenting clean fish pieces, using the discarded parts for fish by-products thus reducing the waste generated and promoting the circular economy.

Axudas do Igape Galicia Exporta Empresas Dixital

Esta empresa foi beneficiaria dunha axuda do programa do Igape Galicia Exporta Empresas Dixital. O obxectivo principal destas axudas é incentivar e estimular o comercio exterior galego e a internacionalización das pemas galegas. O resultado que se pretende é aumentar a base de empresas exportadoras e consolidar a presenza de empresas galegas nos mercados internacionais.

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